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About Us

Disclaimer: These columns may contain adult language. If you are under 18, please make sure your parents aren't looking.

Rawinkorpz is number one in the UK for new Urban music - HANDS DOWN. We aim to provide the best service for our customers and our clients. We are revolutionising the UK Urban music industry as we all know it...

Rawinkorpz, or RIK as it's affectionately known as was established in 2006 and owned by D Raw, this site supports the UK Urban Music culture, aiming to make a valuable contribution in the promotion and exposure of all artists (ranging from the famous to the talented underdog without a major label backing), as well as documenting new releases and the latest news.

We will provide visitors with fair reviews, up to date news, interesting interviews, media, and a multitude of other content on a regular basis. Right now the site is very skinny because of renovations but I really have an image for this site and I want to get some features up here that anyone can use: News, Song downloads, etc. etc. Hopefully you'll stick with me while I rebuild this house and help me turn it into a mansion.

We are currently an underground revolution - not the biggest, not the most popular (but one day I'll strive to make this the number one UK Urban Music site online according to Google), but the visitors of these pages (for the mostpart) are pretty damned loyal and return almost daily to see what's new We vow to keep improving and thank you for your loyalty for without you we would not be here. We will also strive to make our articles different enough from everyone else's reports that you keep coming back to read them on a daily basis.

Rest assured that we all are looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new site design, and to reading any comments or suggestions you have to help make Rawinkorpz.com the best UK Urban Music Website on the Internet.

In conclusion, we hope you all will bookmark the new site (just hit Control-D) and come back to visit on a frequent basis. Now go back to the front page and let's talk some FUCKING music!

— Rawinkorpz.com Staff

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Future Works:

  • More UK Urban Music Artist Profiles / Music Videos will be added
  • We'll soon start selling Adidas Adicolor trainers
  • Song downloads
  • Album reviews, articles, news and exclusive interviews!

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